El Guión / The Script

The Script:
One of the most important parts of the equation to be successful is the SCRIPT. This video goes over a SHORT script we used on a different lead. You will use the LONG script. The only difference you’ll see is the INTRO, giving your info to the client up front, and questions you ask to get the client to talk to you. The key to this LONG script is getting the client to TALK. Break down their wall and allow them to SALE themselves.
Talk about PAIN – How much pain their family will feel on the day they pass away. We can help take some of that away with a plan in place.
Talk about PEACE OF MIND – putting a plan in place TODAY – gives your family PEACE OF MIND- knowing that they have something in PLACE. Something is better than nothing Ms. Smith.
TALK ABOUT QUALIFYING – We’re just here to get you QUALIFIED MS. Smith, I haven’t even asked you for a payment. Let’s make sure we can get you a plan that will help your family- and move on.
The more emotion you put into the script-
The More you get YOUR CLIENT to talk-
The more times you practice this
The better you will do.
We recommend you download and print this script. Keep it next to you as you close your deals:
Script Download:

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